Gas storage developments


In this section we present new product ideas, that we would like to agree with our existing and potential customers. This involves finding out the need of new product innovations as well as making improvements and adaptions of products for the respective customer segment (supplier, trader, banks).

Current projects:

  • Provision of cushion gas needed for the storage. This can be booked independently from storage capacities. The main product characteristics are a term of several years and taking account of the performance of the cushion gas put into storage provided that it can be defined for the term at the time of contract conclusion.
  • “Gas – accumulator”: special short term storage defined by a relatively long injection time and a rapid withdrawal.

We kindly ask all interested parties to contact us with a request regarding the above mentioned products or any other product development at office@rag-energy-storage.at.


To meet market demand for gas storage capacity, we maintain an ongoing geological exploration programme in Lower and Upper Austria, and Salzburg to ascertain whether former gas fields are suitable for conversion into storage facilities. 

The maximum working gas volume for the quantity of storage capacity you are asking about is calculated as follows:

Withdrawal rate x 24 h x 70 days

The indicative tariff for storage services (ex VAT and inc. fuel gas) will be based as closely as possible on current rates. The definite tariff can only be set as part of our detailed planning and costing.
The entry/exit point for gas injection and withdrawal is the relevant metering point at a boundary of the market area East (Marktgebiet Ost). RAG Energy Storage reserves transportation capacity from and to the virtual trading point in the market area East (Marktgebiet Ost) for all its storage customers. The cost is billed at the same time as the storage charges.

When an expansion phase of a storage facility construction project is completed we start allocating capacity on a first come, first served basis.

You can already direct non-binding enquiries to RAG Energy Storage. The non-binding RAG storage capacity enquiry form is available in the Download area of this site.


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