Protecting the environment – a top priority

Safety and eco-friendliness are among our main aims as a storage system operator. Both depend on well defined processes and accountability which make the environmental protection and safety dimensions integral to our internal management system. The related processes and roles are clearly defined – for example, through the appointment of specified officers (commissioner for dangerous goods and waste inspector). External experts are involved to ensure keeping up with the latest technological developments.

To spot potential dangers, we carry out risk analyses when planning projects, and take correspondent technical and organisational countermeasures. Our storage facilities are monitored by intelligent systems that immediately identify deviations from the normal operational status. These immediately trigger automated responses which are rapidly followed by action initiated by well trained staff. State-of-the-art maintenance management and fault detection systems play an important part in our preventive measures.

Our environmental strategy also focuses on energy saving, emission reduction and waste prevention. Our environmental standards are far stricter than the statutory requirements.


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